About Us



ALLTALLS began because I am 6'-7" tall with a slim, athletic build and I love clothing. As a matter of fact, I have since I was about six or seven years old. In high school I realized I loved fabrics and clothing so much that I decided to study menswear design at the Fashion Institute of Technology many moons ago in hopes of becoming a designer some day. Life took me in other directions, but I never lost my love of clothing. To this very day, I still get turned on by anything that looks sharp and is well made!

I, probably like you, want to be able to shop off the rack like regular height men but, most clothing manufacturers and designers totally disregard us. Or if they do make something for us we have to make sacrifices and or compromise when it comes to style,selection and or fit. I know this all too well from personal experience, and I imagine you do too. We need more choices that are worth our hard earned money and time. It's time for a change. 

The deal with ALLTALLS is simple; we make clothes for tall men; period. Thus, the name. Our clothes come in real tall sizes. We don't do 'kind of tall'. We make our clothes extra long and extra extra long.

My design philosophy is straightforward, produce; very well made stylish clothes that do not beg for attention(but wind up getting lots of attention anyway). We're tall, have the classic body type and stand out in the crowd by virtue of our height. With that said, we deserve clothes that are made from quality fabrics and styled with us in mind. That is why; you can always expect to find clothes that work for you when you shop with us. We are focused on what looks and feels good on you! 

By the way, we continue to choose to manufacture our clothes in the USA for as long as that is possible in our industry. 

From one tall guy to another,

Lloyd Hassell